About The Book

About the Book:

Coerced into marrying a man she does not love, the stunningly beautiful Claire St. Martin discovers, weeks after the ceremony, that the man she spent her wedding night with was a stand-in, a surrogate for the man with whom she had that day exchanged wedding vows. Feeling her life now lies in tatters, she flees luxurious Silverwood House, escaping to a place where the destitute of Victorian London struggle to survive—Whitechapel.

Shortly before the nuptials and unbeknownst to Claire, her fiancé Bennett Kirkwood and his best friend Braxton Kane were blackmailed by a Machiavellian fiend, Mordock Peckworthy, a man bent on revenge. Reluctantly participating in the despicable and archaic practice of Prima Nocta, it is Braxton Kane who suffers remorse over the deed, not her husband Ben. Wracked with guilt, Braxton searches and, with incredible luck, finds Claire, who has secured employment for herself as a servant in an agency that supplies temporary domestic help to the upper classes of London society.

Hopefully my novels will beguile and charm romance enthusiasts everywhere. There will always be a niche market for the romance novel, a market I feel would be impossible to saturate.

What could be more diverting than curling up with a good romance and a hot cup of tea—could that be thought of as literary comfort food?