About the Author

About the Author

D.L. Robinson is most passionate about writing, followed closely by a love of history, adventure, and romance. She has been married to her high school sweetheart and best friend for many years – travelling the world together and laughing as often as possible – even in those moments when life presents itself as being distinctly ‘unfunny’.

She has researched her family’s British ancestry as well as her husband’s multi-faceted European background, finding the time to sign up for mini-courses as a ‘mature’ student to learn more about the lives and scandals of the European and Russian monarchies.

She is the author of Banish The Dragon  and

Oh Wicked Escort  and is currently working on

her third novel A Conspiracy of Mothers.

She and her husband enjoy spending time with their children, grandchildren and close friends, Always ready to hand round a plate of home-made cookies and a cup of tea to their treasured guests.

A taste of A Conspiracy of Mothers . . .

     A domineering mother bullies her two teenage children into fleeing a life of extreme poverty in rural Poland, crossing the Atlantic to make a new life for themselves. Their journey is financed with a small cache of jewels from a robbery committed by a father neither of them could remember – a man who, before he was hung by the Policja for his crime, scarcely had time to tell his wife where he had buried his ill-gotten treasure.